Friday, December 12, 2008

Everyone is gettin new stuff...

its that time of the year when people you know are all getting pretty cool, kinda expensive, kinda trendy, kinda cool stuff...flat screen tvs, macbooks, ipods, cameras, cars?  well, arielle and i are getting in on it.  well, we have been very blessed.  my dad, who is cool, bought us a macbook for xmas. it is pretty sweet, and the way it went down was even sweeter...we stopped by the apple store at the mall just to "check it out"... i was looking at a macbook and saying that arielle and i probably needed to get a computer soon, since we are both going to be in school next semester and her old computer 2005 toshiba is gettin a little dad says "if you want this one you can have it, but you gotta let me know right now before i change my mind..."  so now we have a very nifty and cool macbook.  i really appreciate my pops and his gifts throughout the year.  the cool part is that its not christmas yet! i love it.  what are you getting or what did you get for Christmas?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

david and arielle= darielle!

Its been a while since i last posted anything worth reading. and if you happen to have missed the last few posts, then this one will be a good one to read. i will make sure its relatively short, because studies agree that shorter posts are more widely read. you may want to check my sources on that one. a couple of weeks ago i surprised arielle with tickets to Coldplay. the show was great, awesome, entertaining and it made arielle happy. i also bought her flowers, not her fav, but nice ones nonetheless, and of course, halloween really works if you ever want to get on her good side. we visited her brother and his fiancee, elliot and lily, in charlotesville. we hung out with her family and went to a football game there. very entertaining, very relaxing, and very luscious. we ended that particular weekend with a very nice dinner at a wine restaurant/bar in warrenton with the inlaws...side fact, warrenton is the town arielle and i got married..its nice and very homey? we had a great weekend. but the best reason why i had a good weekend was that i realized how much arielle does for me. i really have been blessed by the Lord. she is so selfless, and really likes to take care of me. i know she prays for me, looks after me in so many ways, and keeps our home in really good-nearly flawless-shape. in other news today, God has showed us how he provides. we have felt the Spirit challenge us to give back to the Lord, not just in our time with Him, but also in the church. this, mainly, in the form of tithing. i wont go too deep into this, but lets just say that the more we give to the church, the more we feel God blesses us with. and that my friends, is a really good thing. we are also trying to get involved in a small group, but that is a different story. i think this is it for now. thanks for taking the time to read this...chao.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love the Fall!!

I have been avoiding writing on our blog for a while now but David brought it up so many times that I've decided I should just go ahead and make a post. This all started when we went to California and everyone asked us if we "blogged" which we did not, but it definitly put the idea into David's head, and so here we are. My hesitation comes mostly from the fact that I have to post blogs for my classes multiple times per week and thinking about writing another blog makes me cringe. But here I am, writing on another blog, and I'll have to admit that this is much better than writing any blog for my classes. Who knows, maybe I'll actuall start to really enjoy writing on our blog :)

David and I went to the Shenandoah Hot Air Ballon and Wine Festival this Sunday. It was the most beautiful crisp fall day and I don't think I've even seen Shenandoah more beautiful. There is something about getting out into the open, with rolling field and pastures that makes me so relexed and happy. It makes me feel like I can breath and not hold on to any worries that seem to so easily get stuck in my mind here in Faifax. There was wine tasting at the festival which was a lot of fun. There were a bunch of local wine vendors and I quickly learned that there is indeed a right way and a wrong way to tast wine. I went around and just asked to try some of my favorite wines and then I would try some of their others. I soon learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to try wine. You need to start from the dry wines and work your way to the sweeter ones, if any of you are wondering. We are a little disappointed that we weren't able to see any of the hot air ballons because they said it was too windy. I was actually really excited to see some because I've never seem any before. Alas... it didn't happen this year, but maybe next year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wegmans IS the greatest store ever....

I feel very sorry for those of you who may not have experienced the joy of shopping at Wegmans. Every single time that i step into the store i turn 12. Some of you may think i already act like that when i am not inside a Wegmans...thats ok. But seriously, anything you need, or want, or dont want is there. Some of the best wine, beer, food, international food, produce? everything. it smells good. its relatively inexpensive. its clean. its friendly. its a great place to work at, and i dont even work there. thats how good it is. awesome deli shop. awesome soups. daily fresh buffet lines. comfortable seating. immaculate air flow. anyway, best part about it is that it is literally right across the street. arielle and i walk there and it takes us about 4 minutes. i particularly dislike grocery shopping. Arielle can absolutely back me up on that(to her chagrin). but going to Wegmans is another experience. it is not grocery shopping. to me, it is strolling happily through never-ending isles of goodie-goods. Is it weird that my mouth is watering right now writing about this? Go now, even if you dont need least get a freshly baked roll, or raspberry muffin.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It smells really good....

Arielle is cooking teriyaki chicken with white coconut rice, and as the title of this post can guess i am in for a "tres delicieux" meal. Sometimes i wonder if the smell of food is better than the taste. Maybe its a combo package. Anyway, we are excited. Our first post, to our first blog (encouraged by our many friends), in our first apartment, first marriage, and many other firsts. I am still trying to figure this blog thing out, since we are new to how to add people, and pictures, and random designs, links, etc. So bear with us, but alas, we are officially bloggers. And now...its time to eat! Yay.