Friday, December 12, 2008

Everyone is gettin new stuff...

its that time of the year when people you know are all getting pretty cool, kinda expensive, kinda trendy, kinda cool stuff...flat screen tvs, macbooks, ipods, cameras, cars?  well, arielle and i are getting in on it.  well, we have been very blessed.  my dad, who is cool, bought us a macbook for xmas. it is pretty sweet, and the way it went down was even sweeter...we stopped by the apple store at the mall just to "check it out"... i was looking at a macbook and saying that arielle and i probably needed to get a computer soon, since we are both going to be in school next semester and her old computer 2005 toshiba is gettin a little dad says "if you want this one you can have it, but you gotta let me know right now before i change my mind..."  so now we have a very nifty and cool macbook.  i really appreciate my pops and his gifts throughout the year.  the cool part is that its not christmas yet! i love it.  what are you getting or what did you get for Christmas?!

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Kel Elwood said...

Welcome to our Mac world friends! We miss you guys!! want to come out for Christmas??? Hope to see you guys NOT in 10 more years, but sooner.